Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, I never thought that I would be writing about MY birthday. Since usually it comes and goes like a Thursday. But thanks to my sweet friends.....this year I was actually surprised with a little party! I thought that we were going to dinner with a couple of over to pick up Cheri and was TOTALLY surprised to find her kitchen full of beautiful girls all there to wish little old me a happy day with Carrot Cake and Barry Manilow. I am so lucky to have such darling friends! Thank you for making me feel special!
**I am thankful for friends that set such a good example for me. They continue to amaze me each time we get to spend time together.**

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Zane

I am so shocked that one year has already flown by! My sweet little angel Zane is 1 year old TODAY!

Zane is the light of my life! He is so happy all the time. When I see him I can't help but to smile. He just recently started walking and it is the cutest thing. He is so tiny still but he cruises around the house in the cutest little way. Zane is so special. He is the favorite of every member of the family. He is so easy to love. Zane has the most lovable eyes. The first few months of his life I waited and waited for Zane's eyes to turn bright blue like all of my other kids. They never did. Instead I find myself in love with a new eye color!

Although I want Zane to stay little FOREVER, I can't help but wonder sometimes what Zane will be like when he is older. I know that being his mom is a blessing. I am thankful every minute of every day for his sweet little spirit.

Happy Birthday my little Zane.

**I am grateful for the quiet little moments that I get to spend with Zane at the end of each day. I pick him up every night before I go to sleep and he snuggles up to me. I can't think of a better way to end each day.**

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It is Spring Little League Season! What a great time of year. We have just finished WEEKS of baseball. Day after day we have been sitting at the ballpark. We have been cheering for Kyle and Isaac 4 nights a week!

Isaac likes baseball. He has lots of fun. His team was in last place for most of the season. He never gave it a second thought! His team is darling and they all had a lot of fun! And.....although they WERE in last place for a while....they made it to the semi-finals! They lost at the semi-finals but they played really well!

HOWEVER.....Kyle's team is currently UNDEFEATED! Which one would think would make Kyle sooooo happy. NOOOOOO! Kyle is on a team with some VERY talented boys. Kyle spends a lot of time on the bench! NO FUN! So for a while - HE POUTED! But.....then he decided that was not doing much good. SOOOOO.....a few phone calls later - and he was off to a personal training session with Grandpa to the batting cages! Hour after hour they have spent at the batting cage. (It is costing me a fortune - but I'm not complaining!) Kyle has now totally changed the way he bats and has started hitting. Then I had to break it to Kyle that he was not the fastest runner! NO POUTING this time! Instead I found Kyle running on my treadmill every morning at 6 a.m. DETERMINATION!!

So I have one boy learning to walk......

and one learning to run!

Next weekend is Kyle's semi-final game. Oh how I pray every day for him to get a big hit!

****I haven't forgotten*****I am grateful for my dad. For caring about Kyle enough to take hours off of work to stand in the heat at the batting cages to build his confidence.